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City - Jubail

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Jubail Jubail, located in the Sharqiyah Province on the Arabian Gulf coast of Saudia Arabia, is a former stretch of sand dunes that was transformed into the largest ongoing civil engineering project in the world. Together with its twin city, Yanbu, on the Red Sea, it represents Saudi Arabia’s vision for the future. The landing site of the first team of geologists to explore for oil in Saudi Arabia, Jubail has a population of 150,367 (2009). Jubail Industrial City houses a large complex of petrochemical plants, a steel mill, a Royal Saudi Naval Base, and the world’s largest seawater desalination plant.

The town of Al-Jubail dates back 7,000 years to a settlement by the Dilmun people, one that was rebuilt by the Al-Khater tribe in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. In ancient times, Jubail was on the caravan route; it became known for its natural harbor, plentiful fish, pearl oysters, and potable water wells. Today the city is divided into five zones, two of which are designated for recreation: the Picnic Zone and Al-Batwah Island. These two areas have playgrounds, parks, water sports facilities, nurseries, fishing sites, a marina, and a zoo. The residential Area, which has the capacity to accommodate 375,000 people in modern houses, is built on an island linked to the mainland.

Jubail has its own airport, and is also served by the King Fahd International Airport in Dammam and the Bahrain International Airport. The schools in Jubail train their students in skills that fit the needs of the city’s industries, and there are schools where Arabic is taught to non-native speakers. There is also a new university that has been in operation for one year. The city has excellent hospitals and clinics, and the infrastructure, housing, and shopping to support its population. It is an industrial city with opportunities for Western teachers who enjoy the atmosphere of a planned community in a major port city.

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