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City - Hafar Al Batin

Hafar Al Batin
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Hafar Al Batin Hafir Al-Batin is located in the Northeastern region of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, near Riyadh to the north and King Khalid Military City to the south. The city is 56 miles from Kuwait and 44 miles from Iraq, and its population is 338,636 (2005). Located at the crossroads of Kuwait, Jordan, and Iraq, Hafir Al-Batin is used as an international stop-over.

Hafar Al-Batin was located on the original route for pilgrims going to Mecca for Hajj. During the reign of Uthman ibn Affan, from 644 to 656 AD, complaints about a serious lack of water reached Abu-Musa al-Asha'ari, a companion of the prophet Muhammad. Soon thereafter, as many as 70 wells were dug in the lowest point of the Al-Batin valley. But, by 1320 AD, the number of wells had dwindled to 40, and only 11 had drinkable water. The remaining wells had simply become holes. Thus, the city came to be known as Hafir Al-Batin, "the Holes of Al-Batin."

Hafir Al-Batin is connected by an international network of roads that links Saudi Arabia to Kuwait in the east, and connects the North with the Eastern Province. The Qaisumah Airport lies 6 miles to the east, and the King Khalid Military City Airport is located 37 miles to the south. There are 35 villages in Hafir Al-Batin, and the city is divided into 11 districts. The weather in Hafar Al-Bain is hot and dry, and rain only falls during the winter months.

There are two hospitals in Hafar Al-Batin, the King Khalid Military City Hospital and the Hafir Al-Batin Armed Forces Hospital. There are public and private schools, and a community college, Hafir Al-Batin Community College (part of the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals), both of which provide opportunities for Western teachers.

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