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City - Dammam

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Dammam Dammam, the capital of the Easter Province, is the third largest city in Saudia Arabia. Originally a small fishing village, it is now an industrial city with a population of over a million and import/export traffic second only to Jeddah. Its corniche, the largest in Saudia Arabia, stretches from the Al-Azziziah Beach to the Tarot Islands, and its port is the largest in the Persian Gulf. Dammam is close to the cities of Khobar and Dhahran, and is accessible to the island nation of Bahrain. Fishing is a popular recreational activity to this day, and the city has museums, theme parks, and football stadiums. In addition to traditional markets (souqs), it has many shopping malls and fast food restaurants.

The King Fahd Park, located on the Dharan-Dammam Expressway, has a wonderful amusement park and beautiful lagoons and fountains, while the Dammam National Museum, located on the fourth floor of the public library, houses examples of Saudi culture and arts and crafts. The Heritage Building in Heritage Village contains an unusual collection of Saudi antiques, jewels, and ancient weapons, plus a restaurant where one can dine in the middle of a pond. There are several passenger trains running every day between Riyadh and Dammam. The Ad-Dammam Airport is clean and well-maintained, and the King Fahd International Airport is only 20 kilometers away. Dammam has 78 schools and several colleges and universities.

There are houses and apartments available for rent; bachelor and family accommodations are located in different areas. Nightlife is limited, but there are many restaurants and cafes along the corniche. Women are expected to wear the abaya, a long black overgarment, and men cannot wear shorts. The weather in Dammam is very hot and humid in the summer, but the winter temperatures can be cold. Dammam, Dhahram, and Al Kobar are like a three-in-one city. Though Dammam is largely industrial, there are many activities for expatriates, including numerous Meet-Up groups. There are also abundant opportunities for teachers, particularly teachers of English. On the whole, it is a modern city where a western teacher can enjoy beautiful beaches, culture, and a satisfying work life.

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